Facebook vs Google+ Part 1: 3 Pros For Businesses To Use Facebook Pages

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Facebook, Social Media Updates
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When Google+, also known as “The Facebook Killer,” was released, everyone was wondering whether to switch to Google+ or stick with Facebook for their business social media efforts.

Well, here are the three pros why businesses should stick with Facebook pages over Google+. This is part 1 of 2 for Facebook vs Google+.

Facebook: PROS

Facebook, with 800 million users, definitely have more “traffic” and “average time per customer” compared to Google+ based on comScore’s recent report. Users spent 77 times more average time on Facebook than Google which gives businesses more opportunity to market their product/service via users’ news feed.  In addition, with the extra time spent on Facebook, businesses will have more time to interact and engage with their Fans.  Furthermore, Facebook has 11 times more unique visitors, by looking at these numbers, we can tell that businesses have more opportunities to engage potential customers on Facebook over Google+.

Facebook was launched in February 2004 and have been constantly updating and improving  for the past 8 years!  Have you ever complained when Facebook changed the layout? Change some functions?  Probably, people dislike changes and would complain all day on a tiny layout upgrade, so what makes you think people are willing to switch to a whole new social media platform and learn everything again.  Second, all your friends and family members are or might be already on Facebook,  they don’t want to switch to a new platform and start over again. And finally, people are just lazy to manage another social media platform that are similar.  Are you going to update your status for 2 different accounts? 

Comparing Facebook and Google+’s functions, Facebook can basically do everything that Google+ offers except the “Hang Out” function.  Other than that, Facebook can do everything and even more!  Users can share information only to a certain group of people or to everyone similar to Google+’s circle.  One thing Google+ doesn’t offer at the moment is “Creating Custom Landing Pages” for the businesses pages.  Businesses can create custom pages to attract users to “Like” their page or even create custom pages to provide information on their products/services.

Here are the 3 pros for businesses to use Facebook over Google+.  Come back for part 2 of Facebook vs Google+: 3 Pros for Businesses to use Google+ Pages.

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