Facebook vs Google+ Part 2: 3 Pros For Businesses To Use Google+ Pages

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Google+, SEO Updates, Social Media Updates
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So here is the part 2 of Facebook vs Google+: 3 Pros for Businesses to Use Google+ Pages.  Check out part 1 of the Google Facebook War.

You’ve read the 3 Pros for Facebook and thought maybe you should stick with Facebook Pages. Hold Your Horses! Check out the Pros for Google+ pages first.  The follow 3 Pros for using Google+ Pages will definitely make you reconsider.


+1 : Google+ is the largest Search Engine’s own social media platform; therefore, it will be obvious that they will put more emphasis on Google+ over the other social media platforms.  For users that are logged into their Google account, they can view pages that their circles +1’ed which will affect the ranking of the SEO rankings.  Therefore, websites that integrated the +1 will have a better SEO ranking over those who didn’t. 

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Search+: Heard of the new Google update that upsets Twitter? Yup, the “Search Plus Your World” update.  Google will be combining Google+ with the Search Engine.  You will be able to see status updates and comments made in Google+ in the SERP.  For businesses with a Google+ page, it will be possible that your status, comment and information might show up in the SERP which will give searchers more opportunities to view your website/page.

Follower Interaction: The ability on Facebook to interact with Fans is limited.  Facebook only allows business pages to interact with Fans via through wall posts, comments on photos or videos, or custom tab activities.  Google+, on the other hand, once a follower adds you to their circle, businesses can interact with followers directly via commenting on their post, +1’ing their updates.  This gives businesses the initiative to engage with the follower instead of waiting for them to comment on your post.

Although Google+ still has a long way to go in making it better.  It took Facebook 8 long years to get to this point, it will take Google+ some time to catch up.  However, these pros definitely give businesses a reason to switch to Google+ or at least start using it. 

Good Luck!

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