5 Simple Reasons Why SEO Is Important

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Updates
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Did your supervisor ever asked you why should the company spend so much money and time in optimizing your website and social media effort to get rank by the search engine?

Here are 5 quick and simple reasons you can tell your supervisor. 

Gain Visibility for Businesses

There are millions of searches everyday and with a successful SEO Marketing campaign; websites will appear in the first page of the SERP making it more likely for searchers to find.  Being on the net will increase the possibility for people to learn about your business.

 Brand Recognition

If websites have more impressions, it will also create a brand recognition from the millions of searchers.  Appearing in the first page of the search engine for top keywords will increse the amount of website impressions which will lead to people recognizing your brand.

More Business/Gain Leads

SEO brings leads/prospects/potential customers to the website when they search for a product/services.  Having an optimized and Call to Action website will get visitor to purchase your product/service and share with friends.  A website is a virtual salesperson that works 24/7/365, no sick days or paid time off.  Believe me, Word of Mouth is the best and cheapest marketing strategy.

Cut Costs

Saves money compared to traditional marketing (flyers, radio, TV, advertisements) which costs thousands or even millions of dollars.  Most of the activities needed to optimize website, keyword, contentm, social media, and link building don’t cost a penny.  All you need is someone to create the content and share it with the community. 

Get Business Insight

Google and Bing provides a free analytic webmaster service that enables us to evaluate your SEO efforts and provides insight on the behavior of the prospects and customers on what keywords led them to the website.  Furthermore, it also tells businesses how long customers stayed on the site and which external sites directed visitors to the web page.  Although the webmaster program is not perfect but it definitely provides a lot of useful information for businesses to optimize their website.

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