How Google+ Can Help Your Business?

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Google+, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Social Media, Social Media Updates
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After Google’s Search Plus Your World update, things finally quiet down a bit.  Based on a survey conducted by Ask Your Target Market, the results don’t seem to  favor Google.  Majority of the 400 US adults surveyed expressed negatively about Google’s personalized search.

You may dislike the update, but Google “IS” the #1 Search Engine and if you want to rank well, you will have to follow its rules.  Whether you hate the Search+ update or not, you better have a Google+ businesses page if you want Google to take that into consideration for your ranking.  Why?

You can promote your product and provide valuable contents to your circles like every other social media platform.  However, being on Google+ has a twist, Google will also provide your Google+ status updates and shares in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to users who are logged in.  This gives another opportunity to be on SERP.  How sweet.  The more involved you are on Google+, the more data Google can extract from G+ and provide more data to searchers. 

If you are on other social media platforms then you should definitely be on Google+ as well.  Ponder on this.  Google+ is Google’s own social media platform, obviously Google will rank heavier on the social mentions and involvements on Google+ over then other unaffiliated social media platforms. 

Forgot to mention the power of +1.  Google’s +1 is similar to Facebook’s “Like.”  Having a lot of +1s tell searchers that your site is being recommended by a lot of people.  Google will take these authoritative +1 into consideration while ranking your website.  Another plus to use Google+ over the other social media platforms.

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