Social Media Guide: How to Create a Customized Twitter Background for Your Brand

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Social Media, Social Media Guide, Twitter
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There are 2 ways to get a customized Twitter background.  A hard way out and an easy way out.

The first and easy way is to visit some free background customization websites.  There are a lot of free websites out there that provides a lot of REALLY amazing designs.

The second way is to create one yourself, using some sort of graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop.  If you are not good with graphics or can’t find anyone to help you, the first way will be the best bet because the designs are really nice.  The downside to that is you can’t customize the background to represent your brand and it has the other website’s logo on it.

I personally prefer using Photoshop because it provides a lot of amazing tools that can make your image look really nice if you know how to use it. 

Create a new document with the dimension of 2560 pixels width by 1600 pixels height and resolution 150-300 since you don’t want your background to be pixelated or blurry.

You might also want to create the background image bigger because some people have a bigger screen and if your image is not big enough, you will have a tiled background and I don’t think you want that.

After that, just use your amazing graphic design skills to create an image that represents your brand.  Here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind when creating your background.
You should have your logo on the upper left hand corner because this is where your timeline won’t block off. You do want people to see your logo and get more brand recognition right?  You might also want to include your Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterst, Google+ information on the left hand side of the image as well to let your followers know that you are on other social media platforms.  Twitter’s new layout covers ¾ of the screen and the only place where you can get creative and promote your brand is the amount of space they left you.

After you are done creating your customized background with photoshop or other graphic design software, sign in to your Twitter account, on the upper right hand corner, click on the drop down box, click on settings then click on the Design tab in the box on the left hand side. Finally, you just have to upload your design in GIF, JPEG or PNG format and make sure the image size is less 800K. Save and then you are DONE!

You might have to edit/reupload your image a few times to adjust the size so that it will look good.

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