How to Optimize Your Website – 4 Main Factors

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO
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Optimizing your website is not an easy task.  There are many factors that you have to keep in mind.  The main reason to optimize your page is so that your potential customers can find you and easy for them to navigate your webpage. 

This blog will discuss about optimizing your website with factors you can control and for the purpose of SEO (allowing your clients to find you). 

For SEO purposes, there are four basic keys that you should keep in mind while designing the web page.

Title Tags

Meta Description


Anchor Text

These 4 factors are known as on-page optimization and are the very few things you can control in SEO.  Therefore, make sure you optimize each of these factors for a better SEO ranking.


Title Tag:

The title tag is what Google shows in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for the keyword(s) that users searched for.  As the picture above showed, the title tag is “Social Media Guide << MKTdojo.” If you searched for “Social Media Guide” on Google and amazingly Google picks up this page, the title tag shown above is what you will see as the link as shown in the picture below.  Furtheremore, title tags tell Google Bot what your page is about when they crawl. 

(Of course, Google didn’t pick up my page for this competitive keyword; therefore, I have to include MKTdojo in the search to get these results)

There are a few things you have to think about for your title tag. 

  1. Your Title Tag shouldn’t have more than 70 characters (in the SERP, Search Engines will only show a certain amount of characters, if you have a long title tag, it will be cut off which lead us to #2)
  2. Have the important keywords (Having the important keywords in the front tells Google that these keywords are more important.  Furthermore, if your title do get cut off, at least the important keywords will still be visible)
  3. Don’t include your company name in all title tags unless that is how people search for your company or it is part of your keywords 

Meta Description:

Google Bot doesn’t take the Meta description into consideration when it rank your page (No effect on SEO ranking).  However, Meta descriptions have an indirect effect on your webpage’s CTR and views.  Meta description is the small blur (no longer than 20 words) people see under each search results.  It gives the searcher a quick but yet a more in-depth summary of what the page will be about.  Google Bot doesn’t look at the description but the keywords that are in the description will should up BOLD in the SERP and searchers will be reading these description to decide whether to click on the link or not.


Informative URL:

URL is another important factor that affects your SEO page rank. URL is what people enter in browser to visit your page and it is also used as a link people use to direct people to another page.  There are two reasons to optimize your URL.  One, Google looks at the keywords in the URL when they rank your page and two, make it easier for people to remember. 

If you have the option to customize the URL, definitely include keywords in the URL.  It gives Google another indication of what your webpage is it about and whether it is relevant for the searcher.  You should also keep in mind to organize every page.  It will be easier for Google to crawl and easier for visitors to remember.  (For example

Finally, the Anchor Text you use within your website.  Anchor Text is the word/words people click on to be directed to another page.  For example “Pinterset is the next big thing in the social media world.” Pinterest is the anchor text I used to link to the Pinterest website.  The reason why anchor text is important is because when Google crawl your page, the anchor text tells Google what page you are linking to and decide whether it is relevant.  It also tells readers what the page you are linking to will be about.  Obviously in my example, the link will be something about Pinterst. 

There are many other factors that Google use to rank your page; however, you are not able to control some of those factors such as back linking or social mention.  Therefore, do what you can to make the best out of it. Optimize what you can for the best SEO ranking possible.


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